Experience and Evidence
Interim Meeting Paris 2016


Experience and Evidence

Interim Meeting Graphic Documents Working Group
1- 3 June, 2016 - Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

The preliminary program is subject to changes.

Wednesday 1 June :

09.00 Registration

10.00 Opening

Session 1:

Valentine Dubard, Charlotte Kasprzak (FR): Portfolios for Le Brun´s Cartoons
Lucy Angus, Jürgen Vervoorst (UK): Paper does not get much bigger than this! - The Conservation of Samuel Holland’s 1765 Map of Prince Edward Island
Laurence Caylux, Eve Menei (FR): Architectural plans at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts or the Preservation of Rolled Works

11.30 Session 2
Paul Garside et al. (UK): Reframing Magna Charta
Anne Maheux et al. (CA): Making the Case: Storage and Display of Foundational Documents at Library and Archives Canada
Nadège Dauga, Coralie Barbe et al. (FR): Study and Discovery of Musée d´Orsay´s Drawings Collection through a Wide Range of Sketchbooks and Albums

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Session 3 :
Fabienne Meyer et al. (DE): Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and paper – risk assessment and mitigation strategies
Marinita Stiglitz, Julia Bearman (UK): A Pair of Ming Hanging Scrolls: from Past Repairs to Present Conservation.
Axelle Deleau Cazabonne, Aurélia Stréri (FR): Islamic Miniature Paintings Conservation at the Louvre Museum

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Session 4 :
Camilla H. M. Camargos et al. (BR): Nanocellulose for Conservation of Graphic Documents
Rémy Dreyfuss-Deseigne (FR): Research on the Transparency of Mending in Transmitted Light. Introduction of Nanocellulose in Paper Conservation
Céline Delattre (FR): Comparative and Critical Study of Paper Washing Techniques: Immersion, Gellan Gum and Paraprint OL60

18.00 Business Meeting of the Working Group

Thursday 2 June :

9.00 Session 5 :
Jasna Malešič et al. (SI): Evaluation of Treatments for Stabilisation of Verdigris and Malachite Containing Paper Documents
Lynn B. Brostoff et al. (USA): Analytical Study of Neutral Verdigris Pigment by Combined X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
Laura Völkel et al. (DE): Verdigris and Organic Colourants: Visual Comparison and Evaluation

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Session 6 :
Birgit Vinther Hansen et al. (DK): Fifty Shades of Grey: Darkened Lead White in Graphic Art – Sources and Decay Mechanisms
Lucile Dessennes, Nadège Duqueyroix (FR): « Demain, dès l´aube, à l´heure où blanchit la campagne…. » Lead White Conversion Treatment with Mist : from an Ancestral Practice to an Actual Conservation Method
Ute Henniges et al. (AT): Bleaching Iron-Contaminated Paper with Hydrogen Peroxide

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Poster Session

14.30 Session 7 :
Mary Broadway, Celine Daher (USA): Chromatic Resonance: Interpreting Gauguin´s Graphic Legacy through Conservation, Science and Digital Technology
Olivier Masson (CH): The Pastels of Jean-Etienne Liotard: Conservation and Display
Andrea Pataki-Hundt (DE): Three Challenging Case studies of Consolidation: A Pastel Drawing, a Gum Bichromate Print and a Textile Draft Design.

15.00 Coffee break

16.30 Session 8 :
Cristina Duran Casablancas et al. (NL): Survival in Archives: Factors Contributing to Mechanical Degradation
Irmhild Schäfer (DE): Digitisation of Manuscripts with Ink Corrosion: Experiences based on the Munich Tissue
Alice Gimat et al. (FR): Paper degradation induced by Iron Gall Ink: Toward a Better Comprehension of Degradation Mechanisms

18.00 Conclusion

Poster Session :

  • Natalie Brown et al. (UK): Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Characterization Tool for 19th and 20th Century Chinese Paper
  • Tereza Cikrytová (CZ): The System for Evidence and Creation of Conservation Treatment Reports at the National Technical Museum in Prague
  • Valentine Dubard et al. (FR): MRT (Movement, Reserve, Transport): Solution to Keep Le Brun’s Cartoons Glued to Canvas Unframed
  • Katarzyna Garczewska-Semka (PL): One Album, Six Plates, Four cases - Conservation of Drawings on 19th-Century Decorative Mounts
  • Paul Garside (UK): Collaborative Development of Conservation Practice and Research at the British Library
  • Kate Hughes et al. (AU): Synchrotron Source X-ray Fluorescence Mapping of Colonial Australian Gilded Natural History Watercolours
  • Olivier Joly et al. (FR): Phytate Treatment: From Study to Practice
  • Natasa Krsmanovic, Nicole Monjeau (CA, UK): Preserving Stained Glass Cartoons at the Corning Museum of Glass: A Humidification Technique to Aid in the Batch Treatment of Archival Collections
  • Ludivine Leroy-Banti, Manon Lavaut-Gomez (FR): Die-Cutting Machines: their Use in Conservation Treatments
  • Yun Liu et al. (UK): Predictions of Iron Gall Ink Induced Degradation of Paper
  • Camille Piovesan et al. (FR): New Developments into a Multifunctional Conservation Treatment Based on Polysiloxanes for Acidic and Brittle Papers
  • Sylwia Popławska, Izabela Zając (PL): Aspects of a Conservation–Restoration Project of an Unusual Artistic Herbarium from the 19h Century
  • Busra Sahan, A. Cansel Tuskan (TR): Monitoring the Effects of Different Stabilization Methods on Ink Corroded Documents during the Natural Aging Process
  • Deepakshi Sharma, M. Velayudhan Nair (IN): Importance of Traditional Materials and Techniques in Conservation and Preservation of Palm Leaf Manuscripts in India 
  • Olga Temerina (RU): Conservation of Large-Size Graphic Works of Art Created in Different Techniques
  • Petra Vavrova et al. (CZ): New Instruments Used in Conservation Practice in the National Library of Czech Republic in Prague
  • Marion Verborg (DE): Development of a Made-to-Measure Documentation Software at the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne – Improving the Ongoing Disaster Recovery Process
  • Mirah von Wicht (DE): Yesterday‘s Trash, Tomorrow‘s Treasure: A Basic Conservation Treatment Reveals Complexities
  • Julia Wikarski et al. (AT): The Prunksaal of the Austrian National Library: Storage, Monitoring and Conservation in a Historic Interior

Friday 3 June

10.00 Tours :

Louvre Museum, Drawings and Prints Department, Graphic Conservation Studio
- Centre for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France - C2RMF
(Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France)
- National Library, Conservation Department
- National Archives, Conservation Department and new storage
- Institut national du patrimoine - INP , Department of conservators-restorers
- Research Centre for the Conservation of Collections - CRCC
(Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections)
- Fine Arts School, Conservation studio

Some locations will offer two tours depending on the number of participants.